Limbo Day – not one end of the the week or t’other

It is Wednesday, the day where I have more reminders popping up in my diary than any other day of the week. I know setting a meeting up for yourself is daft, but when the phone is ringing off the hook, you have people asking you to do this, that and whatever, sometimes having a note going ‘ping’ that you can dismiss until you have actually done it is really helpful.

We are still having problems with outlook at work, meetings are going missing, ‘Unknown Errors’ are happening and sometimes I can’t use it at all. The IT bods are tearing their hair out trying to understand why, they have put have call into Microsoft to try and get to the bottom of it. Whatever happens, working as a PA when you are in and out of diaries all the time, it sure does make life difficult.

But I stayed at P & C’s last night, lovely little flat: Aged Ps are off to view it and them over the weekend. I slept like a log, and although I woke up around 6 (I am guessing as I didn’t want to look at my phone) I dozed until 7.30. I practically had a weekend lie-in in the middle of the week! How great was that, C and I got the train in together, I got off at Elephant & Castle, brought a salad for my dinner and was still at my desk by 9am. Although I love living where I do, and enjoy my life, getting up at 5.35 is a killer. Will keep on with it though, as needs must. I got loads of information from the Australian embassy today regarding my visa. Woo-hoo!

Apparently it will take about 12 weeks to process the visa, but I need character, medical and police checks done beforehand. Complicated stuff, and probably why they don’t have people gate crashing the country like they do over here, mind you it is a rather long flight/boat trip to reach another country, not just a short hop over the channel.

Will keep you posted on how we do, saves me ringing you all…


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