What a difference a few days makes

This is me with the Hairy Bikers, I took a day off to meet them with TB, who also took the afternooon off.

We all had the giggles as I had to bend down to get to their head height, Si is trying to cover any cleavage that may fall out the top (it was a hot day!) although it does look like he is groping me. They were lovely, really chatty and friendly. One eejit, said that he thought ‘It was someone famous’ that we were queuing for. Bearing in mind people were queing down the street, a lot of people wanted to meet them.

We had a lovely afternoon and went for a curry in the evening after TB had been to a committee meeting, talking about how happy we were and full of plans for the future.

Nemesis had other ideas for us, and we have had an awful couple of days trying to sort the mess out. I am not putting it on the interweb, people can contact me if they want to know what happened, but we have put our lives on hold while the tangled web is untangled, hopefully by the police – who have been great.

I won’t stop blogging though, this is cathartic if nothing else, and too many people use it to check in with me. There will be some changes though, although nothing drastic.

Love you all.


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