Things we have talked about in the office lately

1. A holiday for Alastair, he has been trying to get away for the best part of 3 weeks and is finally off to Barcelona tomorrow. It took 6 people looking to find him one. This means his girlfriend will get nearly 4 days of his undivided attention, we are just hoping that he doesn’t sleep through it all.

2. Holly’s dissertation, after much hard work she is about due to give birth to a 10,000 word document. If the good wishes of everyone in the office is anything to go by she should be onto a winner.

3. Is the new coffee better than the old one?

4. Where to go for our monthly-ish drinkies and nibbles.

5. Who is daft enough to run in the JP Morgan 5km run in July, straight after our notoriously boozey off site. (I am apparently)

6. Where on earth are we going to put all the filing?

7. Why won’t Outlook work with the phone system?

Would you believe that we are all really busy? It doesn’t look like it does it! I am sat here surrounded by paper, trying to create 13 folders for a deal – not that we have any where they can sit, while Simon is running his way through a Matterhorn of filing that as soon as the folders are ready for, I will have to file away.

Ellie asked me on the phone yesterday what did I do? I answered that I move paper around, answer the phone and create and move meetings. Off the top of my head, I know there is much, much more to working in an office and being a PA than that, but when a 13 year old asks, you do get stumped. I asked her about her daytime prison (school) apparently it is ‘fine’ *sigh*. For someone who hates it, she has ‘exceptional attendance’ displayed on the fridge for all the world to see.

Any way, I better go I have just looked at the time, I need to get on with those folders and shuffle some paper into an organised fashion…


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