I saw another hot air balloon last night, I was on the train down to Havant to watch TB in the back end of the first mid-week match, gazing out the window at the trees that have all of a sudden gone ‘Bang! I’m green now, aren’t I pretty?’ I think we spend far too much time trying to distract our selves. I am as guilty as the rest of you, I have an Ipod and usually a book in my bag, but this last week I have been watching the world go by. I have seen rabbits and lots of them, pheasants and all sorts of birds swimming on lakes, ponds and flying by, seen kids bouncing on trampolines, discarded cuddly toys in gardens, people sitting outside with food and glasses of wine, but most of all I have enjoyed the countryside.

I love the rolling green hills, the trees that are allowed to grow and spread into wonderful shapes, every one unique, beautiful and majestic. I even like looking at the fields of Rape seed by Rowlands Castle, these fields are framed by a pretty village and hills of green, so although they make the world and his wife sneeze, they look lovely.

I have also been scribbling away frantically in a notebook on a project I am working on. I seem to be running out of time at home this week too, the ironing is still sitting there from Sunday night when I normally do it, I have a pile of paperwork to go through that I arranged in a heap on Saturday, but I think TB and I just want the weekend to get here. We can then put the week behind us, tidy up the flat again and move on. I know when I get started on things, I follow them to conclusion, but here at the moment, we just want to be together. Also TB has my cold, but which seems to be FINALLY leaving me. It has only take a month.

I went out for a run/walk/jog tonight, felt better for it, TB had cooked for me and we have vegged on the couches watching the Simpsons. How sad, but at the same time, how satisfying. We are going to go out tomorrow night too, getting our lives back on track again.

Thank you for all your phone calls and emails of support. They amount to over 50 of them, which is staggering; all we did was let people know that our contact details have changed, and a brief outline of what happened, and once again people come out the woodwork and say – keep on going, you’ll get there.

Thanks guys!


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