Long lunches on Fridays

When I become Prime Minister of the planet I will reform working hours from 9-5 to 9-6 Monday to Thursday, so we can all leave the office at 1pm on Friday. We went out for a great lunch to celebrate Holly finishing her dissertation. It was to say ‘Bon Voyage’ to Lise, but as she wasn’t well enough to come to work (funny that I saw her on Waterloo on Wednesday then) we hijacked the booking and piled into The Wall. It was a great couple of hours, food was nice and the wine was going down far too nicely.

We all decided that we better get back to work, but it took a while to get the motivation up to get going! I love working where I do; we have such a laugh, but also work so hard on deals (although my input is peripheral at times) that when we wind down, we can go with a bang! We all get on so well, I am really looking forward to the offsite in June. They whisk us away for team building. In Marbella this year, hurrah! Although that is the equivalent of my summer holiday, unless Mum and I can get our act together and book somewhere. Dad and Patrick are off on the 60/30 club, something they have been banging on about for years. I think they are going to the battlefields in France, Mum and I are feeling more exotic and aiming for Italy-esque. I am also going on another Spa weekend with Liz, something we try and do annually and where we really chill and catch up properly. TB and I have started to look at flights to Australia for next year, we need to have a proper scout around Melbourne to look at where we want to live. How exciting is that?! I am not too sure how it would work trying to buy/rent a house from the other side of the world, but I am sure we are going to find out. Don’t even get me started on jobs, until my visa is processed I don’t think I can apply, more investigation required.

This whole emigrating thing is: scary, exciting, and extraordinary. Above and beyond my wildest dreams, I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to it. Neither Patrick nor I thought we would be living in Eastbourne as adults, and are pleased that we no longer live there and have moved on in our lives. But I never imagined that I would end up emigrating. Mum and Liz are already saving up to come and visit, while Dan and I are busy saving away too. We have made a big decision, and it will have an impact on a lot more people than just our little family unit, but we know and feel that it is the right one.

Have a great weekend, we are hoping for a walk and a picnic tomorrow then we are watching the World Cup Cricket Final tomorrow afternoon, what WILL we watch on TV from now on?? I may staple his eyelids open and force feed him ‘When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless In Seattle, Some Like It Hot and Beaches’. Then he is in his first cup match on Sunday, before we know it it will be Monday again…


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