World Cup Final

He has just danced a little jig in the living room. Australia are now kicking butt again, with Sri Lanka at 164-4. Hope they win, the rain has affected the match and he is well grumpy that SL are doing as well as they are. Living with a bear with a sore head won’t be my idea of fun!

We are full of plans for moving there, we went to Santa Fe for dinner last night: I had a Bloody Mary (not as good as in the Gaucho Grill on my birthday) TB had a rum and coke and we had some beer, chicken wings, tiger prawns (more like shrimps as they were tiny), enchilada and a mexican burger, with some spicy black beans. Stuffed we waddled home, watch Lee Evans on DVD and slept till nearly 9am. We have faffed about the house, packed up a lunch and watched the cricket, I had a snooze-ette (shock) and whizzed back home to watch the majority of the Sri Lanka innings as the Navy in their infinite cost-cutting wisdom haven’t renewed the Sky package of sports for the club.

He is swearing at the telly now, Bracken is bowling like an old woman apparently. I think I am going to go to bed, it’s probably safer….


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