The Aussies won, not without controversy or a comical farce at the end, but they won. So we have a happy boy in the house as oppose to a grumpy one. I am not blogging about cricket I promise, but when you see the team spirit, training and general sheer bloody-mindedness of the Australian team, is it any wonder they are the best in the world?

When we were out there, every suburb had a football (Aussie Rules) pitch, a cricket pitch, most had swimming pools, athletic tracks and all of them had wide open spaces that kids could play on. People are encouraged to compete out there, sports personalities are hailed as heroes, and it isn’t just with football either. If you look at the sports pages in our newspapers or on the Internet you have to have done something remarkable to knock football off the headline or main picture. Everything else in this country just doesn’t get a look in. No surprise that there is no funding, equipment or facilities over here.

I was listening to Clive Anderson’s chat room the other week, one of the guests said that he had been to South London and admired the Olympics for bringing regeneration to the area. He said they were crying out for a world class dressage centre. I fell about laughing.

I know we need more sports facilities over here, but I still get so angry over the Olympics I better not blog about it just yet. Let me just say that London will grind to a halt, and if they are going to be held in 2012 – hadn’t we better start building some stuff!?


Anyway, the day dawned bright and early this morning, sitting bolt upright in bed trying to collect my thoughts at 5.30, I didn’t remember much about last night, but TB said I was muttering at him. I must have got too hot again, duvet is coming out the cover tonight. I am a nightmare, I can’t sleep if I am cold, I just can’t drop off. But if I get too hot I do all sorts of stuff, mostly have vivid dreams and can yell my head off. Which if you are the poor sod who is next to me or in the house with me, can startle the living daylights out of you. Doesn’t bother me though, I rarely remember it as I am asleep. :D

TB and I are starting to make a list of everything that needs to be completed before we move to Australia. You may laugh, but it isn’t really that far away, and the amount of things that need to be started and completed in that time is huge. I can tell it is going to be one of those lists where you cross one thing off and add another two or three on at the bottom.

But if there is one thing I like, it is lists. It’s right up there with going through your kitchen cupboards and re-arranging them. Something I have done for years, some of my earliest memories are emptying Granny’s store cupboard onto the floor, or even worse the entire summer house onto the lawn, and then putting it all back again. I don’t know what I like more, the sense of order you get at the end of it, or the extra space that you promptly fill with stuff that wasn’t in the cupboard in the first place.

Better go, I need to look at rationalising my desk again…


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