1st of May, 1st of May

Outlook Express is not behaving still at work. We are having major problems with it, to the extent we are now printing off the diaries. Just in case. I asked if I could go back to using a paper diary, not something I ever thought I would do, as it is a pain in the posterior, but when you don’t know if a meeting you put in is still going to be showing 10 minutes later, it makes life hard work.

There was a funny mood in the office today, an air of antici-pation. (Rocky Horror fans will pronounce that properly) Can’t put my finger on what though; never mind it will all shake out in the end.

Us girls all toddled off out to lunch to welcome Emma to the office. A gaggle of women in high heels with fake tan and skirts, trying to get past the first few weeks of spring when you want your legs out, but don’t want to dazzle people by how white they are, also mottled purple isn’t a good look when it is a bit chilly either. Someone in the paper yesterday said that he hadn’t seen a realistic fake tan yet, it isn’t our fault the chemical they use makes you orange. We do our best, but we are fighting technology here. St Tropez was the worst one for me, I went to a spa with Liz a few years ago. I turned out dirty, she was streaky. Never again. I like a bit of a glow, but don’t go for the whole hog rotisserie chicken style. I did in Cuba, but there wasn’t much option in the resort we stayed in, it was a proper beach holiday. After Australia, Mum said to me, ‘You aren’t very brown’. We were too busy to lay around, and when we did we fried so didn’t repeat it. Kate has a distinct advantage over us this year, she is just back from two weeks in Kenya, so looks as brown as a berry already. I am sure as the cricket season progresses the legs will get there. My belly won’t be out until we go on our off site in Marbella in June, or to Australia next year. Depends how I am doing with the running, I am not wearing a bikini with work colleagues unless I feel comfortable, and at the moment, I would like a muumuu to cover me up completely. Still don’t think I will feel comfy sunbathing with the directors from the company sitting around me even if I was Cindy Crawford though.

But the lunch was great fun, we sat in the sun and put the world to rights over 2 bottles of wine. I also ordered our welcoming drinks for our monthly-ish night out today. Nothing like ordering a couple of jugs of Pimms to get the summer started. Bring it on! My legs can take it.


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