Bloody hell

I am so cross. I don’t often get like this, but today (Friday) I could quite happily thump my ex-husband. Not content with royally messing up my life two years ago, he is now still causing me grief by not clearing an overdraft on a joint account. He isn’t even paying in to cover the account charges.

After being told that I could get my name removed, by someone who sat down with me and listened, a jobs worth in the same branch is playing ‘Computer says no’. I have spoken to my solicitor, who has given me some really good advice to think over on Monday (I am not letting this ruin my weekend) and also told me to dress ‘sexy’. It can’t hurt, so boys at work – look out, the girls will be out on view on Tuesday. I don’t normally do sexy at work, so I better take a cardigan, shroud or cagoule with me to wear at my desk.


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