Just a quickie…


Really funny article about sunglasses.

Had a great time last night, forgot to look at what time it was and whizzed across town to only just make the 9pm train home. No hangover today, although I am so busy at work today, I have only just stopped for my lunch an hour later than normal. The growling tummy was deafening.

Had a mental journey in today on the train, we were very loud, very giggly and were getting looked at by someone on the train for bad behaviour. Considering the trains were all over the place this morning, (one of them broke down in the Harbour station), it could have been an absolute nightmare. Watching all the faces on Petersfield station as we tootled right through it without stopping was priceless.

Anyway, I am having to work through most of my lunch – the ‘to do’ list is being whittled away, but I still have a lot left before I can leave tonight as I am in late on Monday. I am off to Northampton with Wiz this weekend, I am taking Jim’s place at a James Bond Ball. I am going as Miss Moneypenny, skirt suit, stockings, stick-em-up lift-em-out bra, glasses on and a notepad. It was a lot easier than trying to find a dress.


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