It is only a car

Liz took me to the Mini2 ‘James Bond’ ball in Northampton on Saturday. After the pair of us driving round the city looking for each other, I only got lost twice, despite having a map and getting instructions, in the end I stopped at a petrol station – asked in the kiosk, and a man who was going my way said I could follow him. Point to note, to get to the A45 Travelodge, don’t follow signs for the A45, as it is not on the roads to the A45. Liz had her sat-nav and still got lost doing the same thing. I now have experienced the ring road, but we eventually met in a fantastic American Diner called Buddies. I had a burger that was lovely, so much so that when she arrived, Liz ordered the same one too.

We shot off to Sainsburys for rescue remedy fake tan wipes, as Liz’s arms were stripey, and I got some pre-mixed vodka and soda water. Made a note of when the cafe opened up for breakfast, and drove back to the Travelodge, without getting lost o/

Anyway, we checked in, moved to another room as the TV was unplugged and when I tried to re-plug it it wouldn’t work. My life is not ruled by TV, but we both like to watch the news in the morning. The room we ended up in was so shocking, I am going to write a letter of complaint to the company, but left my notepad at home today, so it will have to wait for another train journey in.

After unpacking a bit, we had showers (hot, cold, warm, HOT, cold, sod this) I repaired the interesting fake tan and we crossed our fingers it would work in time. We glammed ourselves up for the ball. Liz wore her lovely purple dress from Monsoon, I went as Miss Moneypenny, which was missed by most people, it being a Bond evening after all. I had on a suit that I wear to work, fish net hold ups, push-em-up bra, and shoes. As Ellie put it, she thought it was 007, not Rocky Horror. I got lots of double takes through the evening, but we both decided the outfit worked. Liz is going to email me some photos, so if I am not falling out, I will add on onto here.

We had a great time, I love getting ready to go out with someone else. We didn’t have any music on, but we were chatting and drinking (we got a taxi there and back), checking our make up and zipping/safety pinning each other into outfits. Just like being in ‘Some Like It Hot’ with less gangsters, hooch and cross dressing band members.

We were up in Northampton to raise money for Marie Curie Nurses, always a good cause, and just generally to have a good time. But going anywhere with fanatics that you don’t share the fanaticism with is always – odd. Queue lots of stilted conversations when people tried to talk to me about my mini, I drive a punto, or what did I think of this bit on a mini? ‘It’s ok, it’s a steering wheel/gear stick/tyre/etc.’ got me some more odd glances. I think they seem to forget that it is only a car. Not something to have fights over, to shun people over and certainly not something to be bitchy about.

Where are we going wrong, when you catch people’s conversations and they are saying ‘Well I don’t think that she is right about that, after all that paint colour is just so (fill your own adjective in)’. Liz and I caught up, I met some very nice people, I loved people watching, (not least the hangovers developing in front of us), but I think that priorities need to shift in some people’s minds.

I know Liz won’t take this personally, she tells me to wind my neck in often enough, and this isn’t aimed at her. It is only a car.


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