Madeleine McCann

I have had a strange couple of days, as people have called out my name in a few public places the world has frozen around me.

Although what the family is going through is horrific – I would never have left my child or children alone. Knowing that Liz and Jim have a trusted inner-circle of people that have looked after Ellie and Mark, which considering everything that has happened over the last 8 years can’t have been easy, they still haven’t left them with a child minder. They will chop and change plans so that family and friends are responsible for them. But I am always conscious that as parents you need time to yourselves, but not to ever leave children on their own…

If it had been a chavtastic family, would we have the same brouhaha, or would it all have died down by now, with lots of finger pointing of blame to unfit parents and less David Beckham, Martin Johnson and all the MPs wearing yellow ribbons? It is starting to feel like the Diana-syndrome all over again, all of us want her found, one way or the other.
So keep looking for her unusual right eye, the one thing that can’t be disguised, but remember at the same time that total child abduction offence numbers police recorded increased by 45% in 2002/03 from the previous year, to 846 offences. Or over two a day, so also think about the other families that are walking the streets looking for their children too.


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