Miss Moneypenny and Miss Tango-d

Well this is Liz and I at the mini2 ball, I am not falling out too much so I have posted this for your viewing pleasure. It also looks like I have a pillow and she has a balloon tree growing out our heads, but you can tell by us grinning like a pair of deranged beauty queens, we are having a good time – and this was before the food appeared too!
Thank you to Wiz for sending me the photos, and also for taking me.
My hair isn’t as red as it looks here, maybe it is telling me something. But God, I really need to get it cut, I nearly brought some clips/slides today to pin it back. I have so much of it all of a sudden. If the weather forecast is dire for the weekend, instead of going to Sparsholt, I think TB and I will whizz into town instead.
Had a good day yesterday at the Times Creme Exhibition, came out with bags full of brochures, business cards and goodies, I am expecting to be inundated with emails and phone calls from companies now. I was making the most of having the day there, so have a bag full of hotel brochures, pens, stationery, and lip balms for everyone to rummage through at the office. The phone has just rung, that is one hotel following up already. Blimey.
Will blog more later, TB is cricketing tonight, tomorrow and Saturday. It’s a good job I don’t take offence and can amuse myself, not least about prepping for Australia, I went through the book on the train this week. Oh my God, there is a lot to do, I can see me spending a long time on the spreadsheet this weekend too.

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