I need to blog about cricket, more specifically TB and his cricket. But I haven’t sorted it out in my head yet, so I thought I would tell you about the weekend instead.

We had streaky bacon, eggs and mushrooms for breakfast, the bacon was really crispy – yummeh – because TB was back from work later than normal and it had stayed in the oven keeping warm. I smothered mine in brown sauce, pepper and mustard and perching it on our knees, very bad for you, we watched the news, Saturday Kitchen, got a great recipe for a curry from Rick Stien, TB’s phone went, everything cricket wise went pete tong and I stayed at home. I had made sandwiches and a salad for me, so I knew I would have enough food for the day. Cricket teas play havoc with my stomach, and we weren’t playing at Sparsholt, it was by Paulton’s Park (got that wrong on an earlier blog).

In a huff after he had left, I went back to bed, intending to have another hour’s sleep, but dragged myself out at 14:30, I could have slept all day, so I guess I had a part duvet day. I threw my clothes on again, got my sandwiches out the fridge and pottered around the house. I hoovered through, alphabetacised my books and made a note of how many I had yet to read. One thing is for sure, I don’t need to buy any for a couple of months! I laid them all out on the floor for ease of sorting, they covered so much space, I videod it on my phone, they will also cost a lot to ship back to Oz too. (We keep looking at things when we are out and about, and asking if we would take it back with us, sure cuts down on unnecessary spending!)

TB appeared back home in the middle of a mammoth phone call to Sarah, probably just as well he did, we’d still be talking now otherwise. I offered to take him out to dinner to cheer him up, but he wanted to go down to the club to see the twos finish their game. We had showers, got changed, drove to the club and I tried to be polite to people asking what was going on, why wasn’t he playing etc.

We then tested out a brand new Chinese restaurant, it had only opened on the Monday. The food was lovely, the set menu was a good mixture of dishes, for taste and texture, and wasn’t expensive either.

On Sunday I walked barefoot round the Farmer’s Market in Southsea, my new flip flops crippled my feet, which are now covered in blisters. Most attractive for the summer. We had a good look round, which wasn’t easy considering how many people were there, came home and had a salad for lunch. We couldn’t fit in the roast dinner we had planned on doing, so had jacket potatoes in the evening, I had mine with re-fried beans and Mexican stuff, which unfortunately means I now have to use the rest of the sour cream and guacamole up when TB is cricketing in the evenings. Shame. God I love Mexican food.

I have watched So I Married An Axe Murderer, (half of) sung along to Dirty Dancing while I did the ironing, watched-ish My Best Friends Wedding while talking to Sarah and caught up on my Oprah’s while I tidied up. For someone that would rather not watch TV, I seem to have had it on most of the weekend.

I have waffled enough now, and lost my train of thought, as I started this yesterday morning – but never mind. I will catch up with you all soon. I have been looking at restaurants where to take Ellie when we go to London, I am getting excited about it, so goodness knows what she is getting like and she doesn’t even know when it is! Bwhahaha.


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