London stinks today. Of hot, sweaty people, traffic fumes, sewage and rubbish. It has not been pleasant up here. We have a bin outside the revolving doors to our building, I don’t know why but it is always full to overflowing with rubbish. At least people are using it, but it does smell bad. I went to Waitrose to get some last bits for Aged Ps visit. The walk there went past a building site, which was smelt of wet earth, impregnated with gas as someone had gone through a line at some point, I also had to toddle past a smokers corner, which although was outside, smelt disgusting. I am also fed up with people flicking cigarette butts everywhere.

I love working in London, I love the huge quiet green open spaces you can get, which sit next to the really busy bustling streets filled with tourists and locals. Walking along I do tend to insulate myself as the world passes me by, I ignore the traffic, the dust and grime (until I clean my face in the evening or blow my nose), I people watch and wonder where they are going, what they are doing, who are they going to meet. I look in windows of houses that back onto the railway and wonder how long it took them to sleep through the night after they moved in, when did they get to be able to sit out in their gardens and completely ignore the trains going past? I couldn’t live here though, especially not on days like today, when it is muggy, the air feels weighted down with pollution and I feel really sluggish. Today I can’t wait to finish work, and get across town, which will involve an unpleasant trip on the tube with armpits and sweaty bodies, a bun fight for a seat on the train home. But when I get out at Fratton, TB is waiting for me to take me home, I can smell and taste the difference in the air, and sniffing the sea from the balcony at home, I realise that to really enjoy and appreciate things, you have to return to them from whatever aggravates, annoys or ruffles you and say ‘Thank you’.


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