I know I am polite but…

apologising to a shop dummy you have just walked into is taking it a bit too far. Still the girl in Gap had a giggle at my expense, glad to please.

Mum and Dad arrived in good spirits at Saturday lunchtime, and we sent them on their merry way yesterday lunchtime. It was a relaxing weekend, mainly because of the weather we couldn’t get up to much, but when TB was cricketing in Bournemouth, we three went into Portsmouth town centre to do a bit of shopping. The chavs were out in force, including two girls wearing identical outfits of teal blue skinny t-shirts, tucked into skinny blue jeans, ballet pumps and a luminous yellow leg warmer each on their right leg. The mind boggles, and I only hope they were wearing it as a bet, it certainly look naff.

Maybe I am getting old, I am 32, but I am really struggling to find clothes to wear at the moment, I don’t want to look like a Kate Moss Wannabe, even if I had the figure, looking like a raddled crack addict is not the way forward. I also am fed up with the Margot Leadbetter-alike dresses in the shops at the moment. I need to look at the summer wardrobe for the work’s off-site to Marbella in a months time. The girls here are already stressing about it, we are all on diets, frantically trying to lose a bit of weight before we go. My problem is that it is with work, I don’t care what I look like on a beach. There is always someone wearing less than you, with a worse case of sunburn etc, and I normally go topless and be done with it. But getting the baps out in front of 20 men I will next see when I take minutes at a meeting is not something I will consider.

Will finish blogging about the weekend later, I need to get back to work, would you believe that Mum and Dad only read this every so often? I only started this so they could keep up…

C’est la vie.


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