Is it me?

Or am I unusually sensitive to people today? I woke up when my alarm went off, hit snooze and about a nano-second later the alarm went again. It was the shortest 5 minutes on record. TB and I staggered out of bed after the headlines at 6am, and we made the executive decision to get me to the later train. We got dressed, got our stuff together and I got to the station with 10 minutes to wait.

I brought some hot water in the cafe, after being barged out the way by someone who wasn’t looking where they were going, standing right in the way. The automated announcement said that the 6.51 train had been cancelled, luckily the platform staff looked as surprised as we were, so I settled into my usual seat and had my smoothie and tea. At Petersfield I had a man sit next to me who was sniffing, fidgeting and his mobile kept going off. After waking me up he tried to get to sleep after Godalming, but someone in the carriage had their Ipod on so loud we could hear the words. I tried to be cool, calm and collected, stuck my head into my book and lost myself in ‘The Piano’.

On the underground there was another bun fight to get on the train, I perched on the bench and was squashed against the wall by an American lady and her English boyfriend. He was whispering sweet nothings in her ear, but not quietly enough for the man standing behind him, who said ‘that sounds nice’. I got the giggles, got glared at and carried on reading.

When I get to work, someone has been going through my in-tray, you all know how that ruffles my feathers, I feel grumpy and irritable and my in-box looks like a meeting request party is going on. My eyes are on stalks and also are red, itchy and hot. I have the sniffles, sneezes and the hint of a sore throat.

Still I am leaving early today, so I will have an early night and hopefully feel better in the morning. I am blaming the weather, I have never had to wear a scarf at the end of May before now. *mutter*


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