The things you see

I walked from London Bridge to the office today. This is in a vain attempt to tighten belly, lift butt and generally get some exercise in. It takes me about 15 minutes, so isn’t really enough, so I have just printed off a map of how to walk from Waterloo. Transport for London thinks it should take 48 minutes, which I find doubtful, I have walked it quicker than that I am sure, but I tend to look at people and buildings when I walk around London, so I do get a bit lost through the twiddly streets I need to take. But as it all looks familiar, I carry on going in the direction I am heading, and end up miles away from where I needed to be. I have ended up going past the Golden Hinde to get to London Bridge before now, I might as well have carried on walking to Waterloo!

Crossing London Bridge today there were some odd sights:

  • a lady in a pencil skirt with fish tail pleat, it was so tight she was walking like Morticia Addams.
  • another lady with mules on that couldn’t walk in them, why do we do this to ourselves and our feet?
  • a man in a suit it looked like he’d borrowed from a friend, or else he had shrunk in the shower this morning. think the ending of the film ‘Big’ and you’re not far off
  • a man sitting down, wrecked and still drinking Tennants super – bleurgh

I love people watching, there is nothing more fun to do than sit/stand/walk along looking at people, wondering what they are doing, where they are going and did they look in the mirror before they left the house? I have had my own share of fashion disasters, you only have to look at the photos in Mum and Dad’s house to see them, but I do try and co-ordinate. I never know when I am going to have to go round from my desk to the meeting rooms, so I can’t look too untogether. Mind you, not being a very girlie girl I live in trousers, and am still not too sure on earrings and jewellery. Why I am growing my hair I don’t know, I won’t be able to do anything with it…

Anyway, I fell asleep on the train on the way in today. TB had the fidgets last night, so the pair of us looked like hell this morning, bags under our eyes, unco-ordinated the lot. I don’t know what time I told him off at, but the birds were waking up, coupled with me not having a siesta on Sunday and waking up at 04.30 yesterday, I have booked a coffee date with a friend who works around the corner at 15:00, I think I will need the fresh air by then! I woke up by Clapham with a crick in my neck again, I am going to dig the ‘snoozepad‘ out again I think:

We went to Tesco last night, which was unpainful, we were in and out in 45 minutes which I think is a record, I still haven’t got used to where they have put everything yet, and the fruit/veg/salad aisles were a bit ‘Old Mother Hubbard’ but we got everything we need. I edged it into the fridge and cupboards (just don’t open them) and put some washing on. But I have just remembered that I didn’t start the tumble dryer for the bedding this morning. A*se. We live on a 4th floor flat with no way of drying washing out doors. I drape clothes on the dreaded Minky airer (the bane of Erika and Ian’s life when I lived with them), but bedding and towels are impossible to dry.

Apart from that we just faffed around the house, tonight I need to iron and make a salad for my lunches for the week, we are having steak for dinner tonight which will be lovely, I am going to cook some baby potatoes too. Yummeh.

This has been a bit waffley today, I am sorry I am not up to my usual observational standard, I am sure I have lots more rattling around in my head to tell you, but I need to eat and as I took my tablet nearly 20 minutes ago I am off to micro-nuke the remains of last night’s curry.

One final thought for you: I started this up so my parents could read it. Guess who never remembers to look at it? You got it. They have arrived back from another weekend away kite-ing in France, I will hear all the details later, not least that Mum read the times of the ferry wrong, so they missed it by 2 hours. She won’t live that down in a hurry…


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