The shame of it

I have had another sunbed. In a vain (definitely the word) attempt to not fry when we all up sticks to Marbella at the end of the month, (Mike came back from a week there last Friday saying it was already roasting out there), I have brought 30 minutes to have over the next 3 weeks. I don’t know why I didn’t have them before I went to Australia for two weeks, but am before a 3 day trip to Spain, there is logic in there somewhere. I think I wanted them before I went, but finances wouldn’t allow it…

Anyway, I stood up for 4 minutes today, with little eye patches on, hanging onto to handles in the booth and cooked myself. I can’t see any change in colour, I had one on Monday too, but I think by the 27 June, I will be OK to get my wobbly bits out by the pool.

I have been back to see Griselda my pet chiropractor, I have had a headache hanging round me for a couple of weeks, and waking up in rather odd positions on the train hasn’t helped. She clicked, stretched and clunked my back from my waist up to my head. It wasn’t pleasant, it hurt like hell, but when she had finished I felt like I was walking on air again. I still have the headache, and have asked for my work station to be reassessed, Don will love that. I am going back tonight to see her and again next week. £30 a time, but what price is your health?

We slept in this morning, I forgot to set my alarm on my phone, so when TB’s alarm went off at 05:45, so did the option of my normal train. We lay in bed having a cuddle until the end of the headlines on the 06:00 news and I faffed about getting ready. I am paranoid about missing trains, being late anywhere, I hate it. So in the middle of my wardrobe crisis I saw that it was time to go, I panicked and we shot out the house. I told TB that he needed to drive quickly as I couldn’t miss this train, (it gets me to my desk at just before 9am), he said that he wasn’t driving quickly, I hit 30,000ft and sat in stunned silence in the car. In the end, TB drove fairly quickly and got me to the station on time, it is only a 5 minute journey, but I have to get to a station before the train gets in. I get so flustered if I don’t, you’d have thought that a 90 minute journey would sort my head out, but I do feel rushed all day otherwise.

Foibles huh – who’d have em.


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