It’s Friday

Again, already!? Where is this year going?

I have just stopped Zoe from doing any work this afternoon, I sent her the link to the Angry Alien website with the 30 second movies. She loved Brokeback Mountain. I still think Jaws is my favourite, although Pulp Fiction is ever so funny too.

I am revving myself up for a lunch with the girls tomorrow and the Race for Life on Sunday, if you haven’t sponsored me here is the link: The running has definetly gone on hold until we get to Australia, mainly because TB and I think that by both of us working and living in the same place, Melbourne, it will make exercising easier. I walked from Waterloo to the office today though, it took 40 minutes which was nice. I am going to do that at least 3 times a week, as well as getting outside at lunchtime, which I am about to do now.

TB is suffering with hay fever, he went to bed at 8.30 last night, even I don’t go to bed that early. His eyes are red raw, he’s sneezing, sniffing and feels very sorry for himself. We have tried changing his anti-histamine to see if that helps, but being a boy won’t go and talk to a pharmacist about upping or changing what he does. He went to get his nasal spray out the cupboard, and was miffed when I told him I had thrown it away. It was 2 years old, as were his eyedrops, which does not bear thinking about. *shiver*

Have a good weekend, I did have something else I wanted to tell you all, but as usual I have forgotten. TTFN :D


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