Daisies and diets

One of the topics that I have meant to write about for ages, I don’t think or can remember a spring with so many daisies by the side of the road, in hedges by the train and even on roundabouts. I don’t mean the little ones we used to make garlands from when we were little, but the stems that are 2-3 feet tall. They look amazing. I love them, for the same reason Meg Ryan’s character in ‘You’ve Got Mail’ loves them, they are such happy flowers. You cannot look at flowers and feel glum, especially the spring bulbs, freesias, daffs, irises. I know I am going to miss them when I go to Australia, the seasons will be all out of sink and it will take me some time to get used to them, and the different birds too.

Moving onto diet, for those who have asked how I am losing weight. TB and I have abandoned the India Knight high protein diet, not because it didn’t work, it does, but because of the amount of food preparation doesn’t fit in with me working in London. We do try and get meals planned in advance, but at the end of the day we both work, both have commitments in the evening (him cricket, me travel) and we just cannot fit it all in. So here you have it:

Either – smoothie made from dash of soya milk, tinned (in juice) mandarins, 1/4 melon, kiwi, handful of berries and dry ginger, whizzed then drank. Can be made the night before. I drink it on the train and try not to spill it down myself.
Or – two bits of rye bread with Tahini and veggie/marmite. I can’t taste the difference with tahini on the bread, it is hulled sesame seeds, so is similar to peanut butter in flavour. Buy it in Holland & Barrett.

Salad with lots of leaves, tomato, cucumber, celery, peppers, new potato if there were any left over from the night before, fresh herbs, falafel and vine leaves (I am slightly addicted to these at the moment). I don’t have dressing or mayo through the week, I have a bottle of balsamic vinegar in my desk that I sprinkle on. I basically chop a huge one at the beginning of the week, and then dish it out every night, I am trying to avoid cheese – as much as I love it, I was eating far too much, and also only having one slice of ham/turkey/a n other meat/egg, not a combination of all 3. I also sprinkle pumpkin seeds and pine nuts on the salad when I get to work. Or I will have a sweet potato cooked in its jacket with a topping like ratatouille, re-fried beans, baked beans etc.

I sit with apples, bananas, peach/nectarine/plums/grapes (whatever I fancy) on my desk. Again I buy them once a week, wash them and plate them up, so when I get peckish I can just reach for them. Along with the seeds I add to the salad, I have Brazil, walnuts and macadamia nuts I nibble on too, although not too many at once, very high in protein, but also in fat if you eat too many.

TB will cook in the evening, unless he is out, when I have taken something out the freezer to re-heat, so we have meat and vegetables, pasta (wheat free), ratatouille, curries, chilli con carne, all sorts. We are trying to keep the evening meal varied, while eating the same for breakfast and lunch, which statistically proves that you are more likely to lose weight if you do:

But research shows that if you decrease your food choices, you’ll automatically decrease your appetite and waist size. Pick the one meal you most often rush through and automate it. In fact, the same old routine is the point. More and more research has found that putting a cap on the variety of foods and tastes you experience helps you control your weight. How does it work? It seems that when you have meals with lots of diverse flavors, it takes more calories to make you feel full. That’s why we tend to eat more — to satisfy our taste buds, not our bellies — when enjoying foods like Mexican or Indian cuisine.http://www.realage.com/

Which makes total sense to me, I always eat far too much when out for an Indian/Chinese meal. Then sit there like a beached whale at the end of it.

I also drink gallons, green and herbal teas, decaff coffee just black, and a litre of water a day too. With the bottle on my desk, it is easier to see how I am doing. Although I do tend to tail off towards the afternoon, as I don’t like the toilets on the trains! Then have another couple of cups in the evening.

I am also walking everywhere I can, I cannot get to a gym, I cannot run, my legs are refusing to accept what my mind wants them to do, so I now wear my trainers to work and walk across town (see Friday’s blog) instead of getting the tube.

So they we have it, I am eating healthily, lots of fruit, veg and salads. Avoiding wheat, embracing rice, wheat free pasta and sweet potatoes. I also take supplements to make sure that along with the balanced diet, I am still getting anything I may be missing. The list is long, so bear with me:
Milk Thistle (antioxidant), Multi vitamins, extra Vitamin B, C and E, Omega Oil with Evening Primrose, GTF Chromium (helps with glucose and insulin levels ), Psyllium Husks (extra fibre helps control my IBS). All in all it adds up to 15 tablets in the morning, so I rattle as I get on the train!

We still have a big breakfast at the weekends, still have a roast with all the trimmings, still have the odd glass of wine or beer – but instead of it being every night, it’s 1 or 2 times a week. As I have lost 4 lb in the last week and a bit, it is obviously working, enough to be asked how I am doing it anyway!


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