After saying that I wasn’t that bad at going to 8.30, last night I drove home, went to bed for a nap at 6.30, TB woke me up at 7.40, I had a snack, sorted my clothes out for today, then went back to bed at 8.35. I slept right through to 5.30 this morning, and felt as fresh as a daisy until I got on the train and started yawning.

I have been busy at work today, Zoë was on days leave, so I was looking after her guys as well as mine. We also had lots of big meetings on in the office, but due to someone falling under a train, there were a few that had to be rearranged at the last minute, it always keeps you on your toes! Also 6 out of the 8 regional partners were in the office trying to find desks and phones, which wasn’t easy as everyone was in as it was a Monday. Phew!

Did battle at Tesco again tonight, I quite like shopping on a Monday, it takes the pressure off the weekend and the rest of the week, but putting it all away, clearing up and tidying the kitchen all takes its time. As does stripping and changing the bed, another Monday night job. Nothing like crawling between clean sheets to help you drift off to sleep.

TB cooked dinner, gluten free mexican tortillas. Gluten free means cardboard bread in this case, you had the option to put them in the oven (crispy cardboard) or sprinkle each one with water and microwave (soft cardboard). Still the mince was yummy as was the cheese, salsa, sour cream and guacamole. What was I saying about too many flavours?



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