The morning after…

It has been very quiet in the office this morning, a lot of sore heads, carb craving and drinking gallons of fluids. MOB appeared at 11am, the latest one to get in, I was one of the first in, and my headache which was ok at the start of the day is now getting worse. I think it is more lack of sleep rather than alcohol, as I hadn’t had that much. I can still remember everything up until I left, which is always a good sign. I stuck to white wine, apart from buying MOB a B52, which arrived at the same time as another shot for him brought by Peter. It had Tabasco sauce in it, smelt vile, looked revolting and had curdled. Not surprisingly he didn’t want to drink it, but we did the shots together, I had never had one before, it was ok, quite tasty but has definitely contributed to the head this morning. Holly and I whizzed downstairs to M&S to buy crisps, I left my card behind at the till so had to loop back round the store again to go back downstairs. The guy on the check out was one that serves me a lot, so he gave me a funny look. Kate came in, said that she really ought not to be in, contemplated phoning in sick, but thought better of it. She was so tired she had a sit down on the floor of the toilets. Holly wants a sleep, she was dragged out of bed by a flat mate, and arrived at work with yesterdays make up on, looking remarkably good which is annoying. Becky and I said that if we sleep in make up, we end up with it everywhere. I remembered to take mine off, had a shower, went to bed with wet hair so woke up with an Ace Ventura hair stylee.

I would kill for a Bloody Mary.

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