Lazy days and Sunday’s

TB and I feel a sense of achievement…

From yesterdays blog:
filing, the drawer of doom (this works best in a Scottish accent) is at epic proportions DONE
bathroom DONE
kitchen, although we do have crockery in the cupboard which is an improvement on the other day DONE
ironing, we have done 3 loads of washing today as well, so that will wait until tomorrow night so it’s all done in one hit GONNA DO IT IN A MINUTE
roast dinner, vegetables are ready and waiting for tomorrow *STUFFED*, AND GOD IT WAS YUMMY
general tidy, on account of we can’t find anything DONE
I have lost a Gap grey t-shirt too, so I want to try and find that as it is annoying NOT FOUND YET
Hang the little Melbourne map in the hall, on the only wall big enough to take it DONE

So how is that for a good day’s work? I blog in between eating dinner and ironing. I am sitting here with a round kitten belly, TB is watching the Grand Prix, and trying to watch the golf and cricket at the same time. We have already watched the last on Le Mans, go Audi and Aston Martin! And even though there is no football, it being the end of the season, Sky Sports are STILL wittering about it.

Never mind, the drawer of doom is all filed, which to be honest is a weight off our minds. I have caught up on Oprah and Children Fighting Cancer *sniffle* while I stuck pages culled from magazines and newspapers into my inspiration book. I have 2 DVDs from Becky to watch this week too, The Holiday and The Notebook. I need to dig out some for her in a minute, Aged Ps have also lent us the Ealing Comedies to watch, and we have Bond to view too. Phwoar, get him in his blue shorts. Mum liked it so much she watched it 2 evenings on the trot in London.

We hung the Melbourne map up in the hall, the first suburb marked up: Carlton, right in the city centre, this is TB’s football team, and to be honest the area is lovely so I would be happy to live there. Next up were Spotswood and Frankston, Ross & Leonie and Lachlan and Cassie’s areas respectively. We are going to plot houses we like, areas, all sorts on it. It is big enough to not get too crowded, and it is yet another thing to bringing it closer. I sorted things into ‘piles’ today, one being specifically ‘Australia’, woo-hoo.

Mike at work was talking to me on Friday, he still thinks I won’t be going, ‘If and when you go’. Bless him, his face was not a happy one when I told him I was leaving in 18-24 months time. I told them because I didn’t want them to hear it being discussed with the girls, or if I disappeared on training courses, recce’s etc. I have learnt the hard way about being upfront and honest, and it the way forward. I dare you to try it…

I need to get going on the ironing, so need to close soon. TB has resigned from the cricket club. The straw that broke the camel’s back? The Navy covering the wrong pitch yesterday, which meant the game was called off. Having helped him write his email, we both don’t think he is going to get selected to play next weekend, but he isn’t worried. We will have another chilled, relaxed and productive weekend, instead of fraught, rushed and stressful because of the numpties that are in the club.

Have a lovely week folks, I will check in with you soon. Thanks for reading, and remember:

Have you got what it takes to be exceptional? Think about your goals, break them down into manageable chunks and go for it. Part of my goals to get to Oz was to get a map on the wall, every day I will pass it and feel a step closer. Don’t be afraid to take little risks either, you don’t get anywhere without feeling uncomfortable occasionally.


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