It’s raining, I can’t find my brolly

I am sure you will spot it, it is a black one like everyone else’s on the planet! I thought it was at work when I was looking for it at home this morning, but it ain’t so heaven alone knows what I have done with it. Never mind, I will get another one when I go out for my lunch. I will only have a short one today, I am meeting Louise for a coffee later, so will duck out in the afternoon too.

It took me until 11:10 to write my To Do list today, that is my record since I have been here. Not bad going, the meeting this morning was a long one, I had some stuff in my inbox that was immediate action, so everything else I am working on had to wait. Mostly I am amending the database, well we all are, trying to cull contacts whose information is missing, haven’t been in contact with for months, sometimes years and reassign point man from people who have left the company. All in all it is tedious, involves a lot of phone calls, web research and obnoxious receptionists. When I was on reception, I would have been hauled over the coals for speaking to someone like that. I am going to mention it the next time I get barked at, that they are not giving a very good impression of their company, first impressions and all that.

Told you the worm has turned, bad service will no longer be tolerated! I’m off as I am getting hungry now, anyone got any ideas what I can have for lunch, I don’t have a clue…


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