Umbrella and personal bests

I found it, where I left it in my handbag. How I missed it I don’t know, must have been having a ‘Boys Look’ as TB puts it. While packing to go home I also found the DVDs that I brought in to lend to Becky. I was sure I had put them in my bag, but couldn’t find them earlier.

It never ceases to amaze people how organised I can be, and at the same time be so scatty. You should try living like it. I get laughed at for making lists, but last week I set myself a new record, I thought of something to put on the To Do list, picked up my pen and promptly forgot what I was going to write. I quite often ask TB if he despairs of me and very often get nods, BIG nods.

Someone asked me what I was writing as I sat on the train on the way home scribbling this. I said my blog and got looked at in amazement. I told him that I was going to type it up, as I didn’t have a spare internet connection with me in an ‘F off and leave me alone’ with Paddington Bear stare sty-lee. He asked me, I didn’t sit on the train telling everyone what I was doing. And in keeping with the new no known falsehoods, told him the truth.

This NKF is not always easy to follow at work, PAs spend their lives moving meetings around, knowing full well their Principal has asked for them to be moved because of a) They can’t be a*sed at the moment, b) they don’t have time at the moment, c) they forgot it was in their diary or sometimes a combination of all 3. Good job I have a reputation for being helpful, and that my nose doesn’t grow like Pinocchio’s.


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