98th Post

Well, I am 2 away from my century. That is far too much waffling going on, most of this is probably drivel, but it does keep me in touch with everyone, so I will keep on waffling!

TB and I had a hard night last night, we sat of the sofa and watched Trinny and Susannah, then Lenny Henry. I then went to bed and fell asleep practically as soon as my head hit the pillow. Knowing I didn’t have to worry about lunch, (I brought in extra yesterday) I also didn’t check on breakfast supplies so panicked when he asked where the bread was for my toast. I said ‘Oh dear’ or words to that effect and took some Oatabix and soya milk with a banana on the train. Now I have had some weird looks in my time, but you try eating cereal on a journey into work…

I fell asleep at Woking, have a crick in my neck (again) so first thing on my list tonight is to find my proper travel pillow. I saw it recently, so if I saw it and threw it out, I won’t be best pleased, I am going to need it next week. (Our flights to Marbella are at 07:15 in the morning, from Gatwick. TB and I will have to get up about 03:00. I can’t believe how early that is, Simon suggested I didn’t bother going to bed, but I will need some sleep. I am hoping to catch some by the pool in the afternoon. All we have to do is turn up for lunch and supper on the first night, and again on Friday, so at least we can read, tan and gossip the time away. Thursday we have to play golf for our team building, which my Mum finds hilarious, and fills all the girls with dread! We got given our itineraries today, and yes I have started my list.

I phoned up about my Ipod yesterday, they have ordered me a new one, why Apple couldn’t send me out a new one when I sent it back for the same fault I don’t know. Talking to the Tech guy he said that he had borrowed mine for his journey to work (God knows what he listened to, remember my top 25 played Gay Man list of songs?) and said ‘It’s annoying isn’t it?’ yes it is annoying, keep your fingers crossed it arrives in time for next week’s sojourn to Spain.

TTFN, archiving beckons. The joy of paper shuffling…


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