I am never complaining about not being busy again

We have had easily one of the busiest weeks in the office since I started here. Everyone is flat out, including us support staff. We are still updating the database, trying to get people to Poland on time next week, and also having to squeeze in 5 days work into 2 as we are all away from Wednesday. Chaos reigns, and tempers are getting frayed.

I got home last night, TB had cooked a Czech recipe that a girl I used to know gave me, and every time we eat it we say thank you for giving it to us:

Onion, garlic, Mattessons smoked sausage, green beans, lots of single cream, black pepper
Cook your onions and garlic until soft and golden, but don’t brown. Slice sausage fairly thinly add to pan, fry off with black pepper, cook green beans, when the beans are done add to pan, cover it all with cream and reduce down by about 1/4. Serve with new potatoes, rice or pasta and think you have died and gone to foody heaven.

It was all washed down with a couple of well deserved glasses of red wine, I alternated from the settee to the computer and back again fidgeting while we watched King Kong. Couldn’t settle down really to relax yesterday, so when 10pm rolled round we gave up on the film and went to bed. I proceeded to have very strange dreams about a guy at work, getting a coffee from Starbucks (who could not get the order right), a steam train, motorway service station and a film about dolphins. It was a relief when I woke up actually.

My solemn promise to myself to do something about the house every evening has disappeared away all week. I have just not been in the mood. Must try harder.

However, I have had a revelation this morning. Trying to find some tailored shorts for the offsite, I went into M&S today. I found some, but not without nearly firing off the button on a pair of size ’14’s again. So my revelation is to get rid of my scales, as I am really starting to obsess about gaining a lb, losing a lb. I will carry on with the diet, I looked at myself in the mirror and I am fine, in proportion and sexy as hell according to TB. My BMI is bang in the middle of where it should be, so who am I to argue?

Anyway, best go I have shed loads to do before I leave. I am watching TB play cricket tomorrow, should be interesting. I may have to take several walks around the boundary and bite my tongue somewhat. But I collected my new iPod today, so at least I can drown the dickhead out if needs be…


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