This weekend…

…has been good fun again. Cricket was at Romsey, were matches are very rarely rained off, but this one was. At one point there were 21 people wanting to play, and 1 that didn’t. Give you two guesses who the one was, yes the pillock that we have had problems with all season. Although he was bourne out to be right when the heavens opened again, it is the attitude that gets people’s backs up. Still I wandered into Romsey and got some travel smellies in town, brought the papers, sat outside in the sun and ate my lunch and (unsually) drove there and back. I miss driving, so grabbed the chance this weekend.

Calling the match off at 3ish, we got home changed and wandered over to look at the Food Festival at Gunwharf that we would have visited on Sunday anyway. It was disappointing, less there than when they have the French markets or Farmer’s markets, I brought some nuts for Spain, TB was looking forward to Paella for lunch, which is always there when there is a food market on, but this time wasn’t. He had a hot-dog and a sulk instead. We mooched in and out of shops, spent far too much in the HMV sale, fatal that shop is. We brought 6 or 7 DVDs, I found an iPod docking station that doubles up as speakers for the kitchen, although the trial run will be in my hotel room in Marbella, when we got to the counter the assistant asked if we had got everything. Oh yes and then some, we got out when I couldn’t carry any more and TB didn’t want to start stocking up.

We thought about going to the cinema, but again there was nothing on we wanted to watch. We have missed everything that we wanted to see when we didn’t have time to get to the flicks. Typical. Still I put Kind Hearts & Coronets on for TB, who looked bemused to start off with, but soon got into it and in the end absolutely loved it. Aged P’s have lent us the Ealing Comedy box sets, I don’t think we will be able to give them back until we have brought a set for us. Maybe I will have to go to HMV again?

We have spent today reading the papers, dozing (me) watching the rading at Donnington (TB) and the Twenty20 match at the Oval (both). Reduced to 10 overs each, as oppose to 5 that one match was reduced to yesterday, it was good fun to watch, and does make you wonder why we can’t smack the ball around normally. There was also a cracking hat-trick on Friday night, culminated in a caught and bowled wicket. I do like Twenty20, although not proper cricket, it has got an awful lot of people watching the proper game through it.

This afternoon, in between the Internet falling off and cooking dinner, we have been looking at houses in Melbourne. We have found a company that will build you a new house, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, double garage, rumpus room, open plan kitchen/diner/living area and outside living area for $300,000 or £100,000. Talk about culture shock, and motivation, we have been sticking little stars and dots all over the map in the hall, trying to work out where we want to live and what house would fit us the best. We are probably going for 3 bedrooms, we can’t see the need for anymore, especially with the extra living space included in some of them: have a look and drool.

I have pins and needles so need to move, but I have also brought my lap top for my VA business. Now taking suggestions on names for the company, sensible ones though please! Have a good week, I am not too sure how much I will be able to blog this week, I have masses to do at work and at home so I think I will take a sabbatical and catch up with you in July. Eek.


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