The preparations for the off-site have gone ok. We’ve had only 3 drop outs, 2 changes of flights and a minor panic with the new phone system. Which is supposed to be all singing all dancing, but we can’t divert callers to voice mail and the divert options on your answer machine messages aren’t working and you try programming a temporary message to say you are out the office for 3 days. It takes about 10 different steps and even then the bint on the end of your phone will often say to you ‘I’m sorry I don’t recognise that request’ in that ever so polite, Sat Nav voice. But we have been ploughing away through our ‘To Do’ lists and got there eventually. Although you do get to the point where you think, I cannot make any more database amendments, I cannot do any more shredding, and my desk is all neat and tidy.

On the personal front of getting ready: I have dyed my eyelashes, had my haircut, half packed, will finish tonight, need to pluck eyebrows, paint toenails and finish packing. I have set the alarm on my phone, so that is done. 03:30 is not pleasant, but needs must! We are all getting up horrifically early, but keep consoling ourselves that sun, 35 degrees, small amounts of alcohol (ahem) and lazing by the pool will get us through when the alarm goes off.

I only hope I don’t have one of those nights where you think, I will over sleep so don’t rest at all… Catch you later peeps.


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