What a week!

I will blog about the off site another time, and add a link to my photos that were taken (Maddie the Pap, my camera went everywhere with me), but it has been an eventful week all round beside that. When is it anything else?

Tuesday night meant that the BT home hub had arrived, TB spent probably 6 hours tinkering with it trying to get it to work on his lap top, I packed which mainly involved me covering the lounge room floor with crap and walking back and forth between the bedroom and my suitcase. I took 14kg with me, which was about the same I took to Oz, but I didn’t take a hairdryer or stereo like I did to Marbella. Getting up early was interesting, not too hard work, we actually slept quite well, the drive up to Gatwick was lovely and clear, only a few nutters whizzing past us to get to work, we watched the sun come up over Arundel, and as always you feel like the day has been created just for you when you watch the sky turn colours.

On our way home from Gatwick, TB told me the sad news that his brother is separating from his wife, naturally we are worried about them, and are thinking about them lots as they struggle through what will be a stressful time. TB is yet to talk to Lachlan as I type this, but they have exchange texts and emails, never easy to go through, but made worse as they have two small children. We only sent Piper’s birthday present off on Wednesday. So can I bother you again to send peaceful thoughts through the ether to Lachlan and Cassie, may they get through this in one piece.

I am typing this on my lap top, it was due to arrive on Thursday while I was away, taken away by the courier as neither of us were in, TB called to ask if the driver could take his mobile number so that he could be in to sign for £1200 of kit. Coming home at lunch time on Friday, there was a hand written note stuck in the door that told him it was downstairs at number 11. Not too sure if we are pleased about the delivery driver or not, but it is here safe and sound and we have spent the weekend charging the batteries, installing McAfee and Office on it. I can remember Office having loads of disks to install the software on, the one I brought on Saturday had one CD. Ditto McAfee, unbelievable, I have never spent so much on one CD in my life.

Workmen in Portsmouth have gone through a gas main on one of the major roads out of the city, causing chaos. The cricket was called off (shock) so after staggering out of bed from a lie in and a snooze, we attempted to get to the other side of the city to go to PC World – it took an hour, we were practically at a gridlock. I must be the only person in the country to go into PC World and turn speakers down, it was painfully loud, so every time I went passed anything that was noisy I turned it down. We also tried to buy my Office software there, but the case I picked up didn’t have a price on, or seemed to have a corresponding package in the safe. One of the tills had crashed (irony) and the security guard was so p*ssed off to be asked to call other people to the tills. The couple behind us abandoned their purchase and left, there was much chuntering in the queue, not from us, we were happy standing and waiting. Especially when the security guard nearly had a diva tantrum to be asked to make the same announcement again. One guy who eventually served us, wandered over to find out why there was a queue, and walked off again, while the girl on the till tried to explain that she needed another till opened as hers was frozen. My box of software caused pandemonium, they had to try and find out if they had it, 5 minutes later my patience had run out, and I said I would just take the McAfee as my life was too short. I paid for it, was handed my bag and said that ‘If the security guard hated his job so much, he should think about changing it.’ Not like on the adverts for PC World at all.

Over the road to Staples, after nearly getting side swiped in the car park, and what a difference, the Sales Manager was on top of the queue, co-ordinating his staff and bloody helpful. I had my software in my hand, someone took it off me before we reached the till to get the correct box, we also got a 2 GB memory stick with it. Which is about 2cm long, absolutely tiny! We came out of there feeling slightly more relaxed and happy, and drove home without any traffic in the way, and wished we had driven to the shops the same way.

I went back to bed as soon as we got in, TB was at one with his couch watching sport, we went out for drink in the evening and had some of the steaks that we had ordered for dinner while watching Passport to Pimlico. Lovely day for the most part.

Today we have done battle in Tesco, foul children, foul mouthed parents and general feeling of yuk all the way round. Put the food away, I cooked a chicken for lunch and we have just ate one of the best roast dinners I have done in ages. Roast potato, butternut squash and sweet potato. Steamed carrots, savoy cabbage, baby sweetcorn and sprouts, home made gravy and a glass of vino. We are off to Gunwharf in a minute, I need to swap the skirt I brought last weekend in Whistles, hope they still have them in. Not that I will be able to wear it for a while, my knee is so bruised I can only wear flats. But you will have to wait and see what happened on the off site for that.



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