I gave blood today, completely forgot I had booked it for this morning, so looking at my diary was a bit of a shock! I got the 3rd degree as per normal, and also got a snazzy blue t-shirt as my top today is not conducive for extracting the red stuff. They can’t take the t-shirts back, I was only in it for about 10 minutes, but I have ‘contaminated’ it enough. That does wonders for your self esteem! I am proudly wearing a badge that says, ‘Be nice to me, I gave blood today’ so feel very virtuous.

This morning has been busy trying to wade through my emails, and also to switch the temporary message of my phone. Never again will I do that, I will change my Primary Personal Greeting instead, far less hassle and a lot less buttons to press too.

The first of the photos from the off site (mine) have done the rounds to much hilarity, and have also been vetted from the girls point of view before general consumption. I will add them to yahoo, but it was taking forever to upload them last night, but will keep on going.

Enjoyed typing on the train this morning, I was blogging about the offsite, and have nearly finished the first day. I will probably put it up in stages, as it looks like being a bit of an epic tome. Had lots of comments on how tiny my lap top is; I took a photo last night with TB’s next to it so you can see how tiny, and will add the photo to the blog later too. Gotta go, I need to get on with work now.



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