I don’t usually think that I have a sensitive nose, but today women’s perfumes on the train and the tube were assualting my senses. This is something I know I have Erika’s support on, she is allergic to it, and always ends up sitting next to the woman on the plane who drowned herself in pong while in duty free. I don’t know what one woman was wearing, but it was sickly sweet and cloying, I can still smell it now and I have been off my train for nearly 50 minutes. On the underground I had a woman who had bathed herself in Jennifer Lopez’s Glow. I only know that it is that perfume as I asked a girl in a pub why she was wearing furniture polish, and was told the name of it.

I wear perfume every day, even if we are off to Tesco or whatever we get up to at the weekend, but I try to spray it some distance away from my body so I don’t reek of it. Likewise with aftershave, you only need a little bit of it, I don’t need to feel like I am being smacked around the face as you walk past me. Using a small amount, means you have to get closer to someone to appreciate the smell. Less is more!

I was quite happily asleep on the train on the way in this morning, it was a right roayl pain to arrive at Waterloo actually, I could have done with another half hour. TB and I didn’t sleep very well at all, we both had the fidgets and staggered out of bed, despite having gone to bed at 10pm. I feel all over the place this morning, very unco-ordinated and dopey. I don’t remember feeling like this the last time I gave blood, but I am hoping I am not getting anything. I will have to call and tell them that they can’t use it, and I am a rare one: AB+

Hey ho, I am sure it is just catching up from last week…


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