It is now Wednesday, I still feel like I am jet lagged, Simon one of the boys I look after is glad it isn’t just him that feels the same way. Kate took the morning off work yesterday as she had only a few hours sleep the night before and laid in bed until 11, trying, in vain, to get some more sleep.

If this is the result of 3 days away with everyone, I am glad it wasn’t a week.

I type this sitting at my desk, guzzling a coffee from Starbucks, the only coffee seller to use fair trade coffee beans in all their coffee now, so no matter what you think of them as a company striving for world domination, they are putting their money where their mouth is. I am trying to remember to bring my lemon in with me, but when you arrive at Bank and think, I haven’t got anything with me, not even lunch – I wonder why I am a PA at all. :D

I spent 40 minutes of my lunch break on Facebook yesterday, this website is like Friends Reunited, but better. It is free for one thing, you can upload photos all over the place and also throw sheep at people for fun through cyber space. Totally addictive, I am linked to people from the Sovereign Centre, Gresham, Cable & Wireless and although I am not looking for school mates, I am sure they will pop up sooner or later… Join if you dare, and waste your days away


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