Stuff (part 24B, subsection 1.3x)

I can’t remember half of what I wanted to write about now. I am sure it will come back to me if I waffle long enough.

I should write things down when I think of them. It would save me a lot of bother in life, but I would be like Ada McGrath in The Piano with a notebook around my neck, and as you lot know I carry a lot of stuff with me as it is. Although I am travelling relatively lightly today, I did get some funny looks on the train again. Yes I had oatibix, banana and soya milk from tupperware pot again. There was a little boy and his Grandfather on the train today, sitting opposite me on the other side of the aisle, who watched in amazement as I ate my food, threw my banana skin away, finished my make up as we got to Havant then said hello to practically everyone who got on the train. Kate and I talked all the way up, we were joined by a man who gets on at Haselmere (I think, too busy talking to notice), soon all three of us were nattering. Everything from housing extensions to train friends, to children and back again. The little boy was really well behaved, but I don’t think he knew what to make of us. When I used to get the odd commuter train up to London before I worked there, I used to laugh at people who got upset if I sat in ‘their’ seat, but being such creatures of habit – it does throw you out for the day.

I have succumbed to facebook, I had tried to avoid it, but the world and his planet seem to be on it, and I can see why as it gets addictive! People can also stalk others through it which is a bit worrying, but I think mostly it is good fun. I am thinking about photos to add, bits to attach to my profile. I have also joined various groups including, Jeremy Clarkson for Prime Minister, People who haven’t watch Red Dwarf are smegging smegg heads and Yes I cry at films, and no its not because I have a gavina (spelt wrong but you KNOW what word it is!) I am still feeling virtuous in not looking up ex’s, I am fairly well hidden because I changed my name, and to be honest I have gone through most of my life losing touch with people as they didn’t warrant keeping in touch with them. The people I care about I am still in contact with, although most of the time as life gets in the way, not as much as I ought to be.

I love my job, but working in London through the week and then whizzing off to various parts of Hampshire for cricket matches to be rained off at the weekend is taking it’s toll on our social life, not to mention sleeping patterns. So for everyone we owe visits to, we are sorry – but bear with us until the winter, or bring a picnic and sit in the car/pavilion/hut with me while it pees it down.


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