Coughers and sniffers


I know when my ‘Complaint Free World’ bracelet gets here I will be changing wrists all the time to start off with, even taking that into consideration my train journey was awful this morning. The train was the wrong way round, which throws everyone a curve ball before you start- not least the first class travellers. (They have to run in an undignified waddle, briefcases and umbrellas flapping, down the platforms to get to the middle of the train, as oppose to the front, they literally push people out of their way in an effort to get to their seats. I have had rucksacks and briefcases clonked against me, with no apology in sight, we have all been trodden on and despite us saying ‘Excuse me!’ we get no response from them.)

Today I changed seats straight away as the lady who sat behind me had drowned herself in perfume, I nearly moved again as the bloke behind me was full of cold and sniffing, but he at least attempted to blow his nose, I think he should have been in bed to be honest. But at Haselmere I had a guy throw himself down in the seat next to me, he read his paper by wrapping it round on itself; noisy, coughed all the time; noisy and hawked his nose clear; f-in disgusting. The lady in front of me who gets on at Havant, after one particular noxious grunt, asked him if he minded, much to HIS disgust. I was near screaming pitch by then, so gave him a Paddington Bear death stare. Why do people think they can behave like this in public, or do they think it doesn’t matter that as we don’t ‘know’ them they can do whatever the &*^$ they like.

I emailed today asking where my bracelets are as it had been over 6 weeks since I ordered them. They are like the charity bracelets, but every time you moan or complain about something, you have to swap arms with them. The idea is to get to a 21 days with it on the same wrist. You also cannot point out to someone they have complained about something if they are wearing the bracelet without moving your one first, as you will be complaining to them. I am all for having a rant, I have added enough letters onto here for you all to know that. But I find at times I whinge at the littlest, stupidest things, which not only puts you in a bad mood, but means you are aggravated all day long. This is what the bracelet aims to eliminate. Don’t be put off by the Christian message behind this, although developed by a Pastor in America, it is for all denominations. After all, every religion teaches that you should treat everyone with respect, not whining at them.


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