SSShhh! Don’t tell anyone!

But we watched The Color Purple tonight, and TB cried. As Celie cries out ‘Nettie’ with that long drawn out cry, every time I watch it I think I won’t cry. Every time I do. It’s like the ‘Oh my Daddy!’ bit in The Railway Children. *sniffle*

I joined a group on facebook this week called: ‘Yes I cry at movies, and not it’s not because I have a gavina’

It is so true, you do suspend reality when you watch films, scientists have said that it is a state of hypnosis, where you get sucked in, then all of a sudden you are back in your living room again, then you all you can focus on is the film again. All I know is I get the same when I read a book, I love disappearing from reality, watching other people’s lives.

Off to bed now, more tomorrow.


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