It is our research student’s last day here, she recruited a replacement from another University, but we are all going to miss Holly. She is a lovely girl, after travelling around Europe for 5 weeks, she is off to Africa to help in an orphange for the remainder of her summer with her sister. How many people say they are going to do something like that, but never quite get round to it?

I love this photo of her, I have lifted it off Facebook, but I don’t think she will mind. Taken on a weekend away with her friends in Dublin, the grin on her face and sense of ridiculous you see, sums her up.
We all wish her well her, and are taking her out to lunch, I’ve decorated her desk with Alice’s help last night, then we are sending her off with a huge evening out tonight. I am fully expecting a hangover in the morning. I am supposed to be watching TB play cricket, but suspect I will be lying in bed and groaning quietly to myself, like pretty much everyone else who comes out tonight! Have a good weekend folks!

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