Bloody Mondays

I am at screaming pitch. Already. It is 09:43, and if I don’t do this now and get it out, I may pop. So I apologise this is a ‘me, me, me, me’ blog.

Some eejit pulled the communication chord on a train in front of us, which slowed everything going into Clapham Junction (which is a helluva lot of trains) right down. We got into Waterloo 10 minutes late, not a problem. I was determined not to be stressed, even though the Waterloo & City line was full to bursting, so I went via Elephant & Castle to Moorgate, which is an odd route, but it’s easier to get onto the Northern Line rather than London Bridge.

I had texted my boys to tell them that if I was late the paperwork for the meeting first thing is on my desk, where I always leave it. To find out I had printed out the wrong document last Friday, so that had to be reprinted. Then we discovered a courier hadn’t delivered a committee paper for PMS so he could read it over the weekend, I had to reprint it and all the appendices and bind it, again. They have also been adding meetings into their diaries, so I now have to re-jig breakfasts, meetings and beers all over the place.

I have lost my pen, I have others, but I wanted to use this one. I am revving myself up to shout at the bank, instead of blocking joint account with ex-husband, they have blocked my sole account, so the money for my course that I requested to leave on the 11 July hasn’t gone anywhere. After the amount of problems we have had with pay pal trying to get the bloody thing paid for this is all I need, and the course is on Wednesday of this week. I have had to pay money into the company’s account in dribs and drabs as she has quite rightly asked for payment in advance.

I was prepared for the bank, but not for anything else. I have also been bumped again, so have no idea what is going on in the office today, or this week, and as I am out for two days, which they have probably forgotten about, I will have a list as long as my arm of things to do when I get back.

This is a big week for me, I am starting to get started with my course, and being away from home for 2 nights with your parents and brother visiting at the weekend, I am conscious that TB is going to have to do the lion share of the housework in preparation for their visit, so I am feeling guilty about that too.



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