Last Week

Tue Eve:

I am killing myself laughing. I am sat in bed watching Victoria Beckham, Coming to America. What a god awful programme, she is ok. But La La Land lived up to expectations. How plastic fantastic were those women? I find it sad that some of her closest friends are her hairdresser and make up artist. She has a great sense of the ridiculous of her situation, but seeing her with the Earthquake Specialist was priceless. ‘Can you see my knickers?’ as she crouched under the table.

The programme wasn’t very well edited, which wouldn’t have helped, but it didn’t help her ‘cause’. She is nutter, you do think she has her tongue firmly in her cheek, but not many American’s are going to get the British sense of humour. Although I hoped they enjoyed the decoy, blow up sex doll she sent shopping so she could buy David a present. I just wish she would take her sun glasses off. She really does remind me of Sara who I worked for at Cable & Wireless, mannerisms, patterns of speech – everything. Bless her, especially since she had her ‘Pob’, Sara was there first…

I am staying in a Greene King pub, in a tiny little room, no bath (bah!) and have had to hang my skirt up over the window in the door so people can’t see wandering around in my jim-jams, there is no curtain on the door, just a net one which will let people see everything when the light is on. I asked for the radiator to be turned off, phew, and wish I could find the air freshener, cough. I have 3 ½ tv channels, as I sit in bed typing this and sipping red wine. I also get to lie in until 08:00, if I wanted to! A weekend lie-in, on a Wednesday!

I am going to close for now, but now I am here, I am relaxing. At last.

Wed Eve:

What a day. I have information overload and this is just the start. I have been asked to think about my specialist areas. Making a decent coffee? Collapsing in the giggles? I need to attract my ideal client, so what would their market be? I have come up with training/education – having worked as a swimming teacher, I have a fair idea of what is needed behind the scenes to get a course up and running; Private Equity, working in the industry now, you do realise that some PA s are not going to ‘get it’; and finally supporting an author. I would help them with copy typing, travel needs etc. I have no idea what their agents would do or not do for them, but I would imagine there would be a market for it. More research needed.

I am getting a good vibe from the course though. I have had a really good day, Carmen is a good teacher, she is also a Life Coach, and Mary has been working for the same company for 19 years and is waiting for her boss to retire, meaning that her role will be outsourced, the remainder of the company’s Middle East Division, are in the Middle East. So Mary is re-training in preparation. I cannot begin to explain how much work I am going to have to do to get to my start up date. It will be challenge, hard work and I am going to need a fair bit of support, advice and time to get it going. However, the end result is going to be worth it.

Going to close now, I am off into the pub – hurrah!


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