that was a nice lunch. i have just had a salad with vine leaves, falafel and sprinkled with pine nuts and pumpkin seeds. dressed with balsamic vinegar, i have chomped the lot and now feel rather smug with myself. even if i did leave the salad i made last night at home, i have still eaten healthily. i am now on a ‘dry’ month, several reasons:

  1. my IBS is all over the place, i can gain and lose a stone in 48 hours
  2. this is making wearing clothes ‘interesting’ as i have no idea how big my belly will be in the morning
  3. it also means that again, half my wardrobe is not fitting me, so i am getting annoyed at having to wear the same clothes all the time, which is already being curtailed as i am not supposed to be wearing heels because of my knee

consequently i am really watching what i eat this week. i have to toddle to holland and barrett in a minute to get some more tahini, but i will also look at what they have in the store to tempt me to eat properly again.

i don’t know why i can be so disciplined sometimes, and away with the faeries at other times with my diet. i then beat myself up for not being ‘good’ and the cycle continues – oh to be able to relax on my body image…



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