what have i been up to lately

been at work, we have a committee meeting tomorrow, so i have been helping simon with the document that goes out, i need to sort my desk out – i have buried it under dust and paper again. i have some information to add to the database, and the usual PA thang to do of moving and arranging meetings etc.

i have also been working on my course, i have nearly finished the first module – i need to do a time-line spreadsheet to submit with it, and some research in the library on saturday. i have a busy weekend ahead of me, but i will be at home, so if i flake i can snooze in comfort. TB may be playing cricket, but he had a phone call from a journalist at the news, so may be not exactly welcome at the club tomorrow. he told him exactly what he thought was wrong with the club… could be interesting reading. so i may have an aussie getting under my feet on saturday.

i am propped up on the sofa, watching two (count ’em) two episodes of friends i haven’t seen before, which has to be amazing. i have given up on watching frasier, they are into the last series where daphne and niles have got it together, and script writers lost the plot. we watched top gear does polar last night, followed by heroes on bbc2. the train was talking about the evening, the office was talking about the evening, not had so many people do that for a while. i was ironing, i could see 4 tv’s from our flat, all where watching top gear. bbc2 must have been laughing with the ratings.

i gotta go, i am yawning my head off. night night


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