What a weekend

TB has been suspended from the cricket club. The Chairman lied to him on the phone, the committee are spineless eejits who can’t discipline the captain of the first team who is out the country more than he is in it, who assumes that he will just turn up on a Saturday to play as captain in a team he has had no hand in selecting, and also that half the club want him out. Not the team, the club. The committee who have the power to do something about it, chose not too. TB told them what for, resigned from Club Captain and Chairman of selectors and decided just to play. This week as Chris is out the country again, Damian who is Captain when he isn’t around is also on holiday, TB was called by the newspaper. So he answered their questions and told them what was happening. We had a full page spread in the paper, and one very annoyed committe, as the crux of the problem is now out in the public domain. TB would like to have a ceremonial bonfire of all the USPCC kit, but thinks that burning it on the crease would mean a jail spell, so he will settle for binning it instead.

I have seen him so upset, angry and frustrated this season, it is a relief that it is over. Although I like my Saturdays with my own company as I am surrounded by people all the time, I am pleased that if he isn’t playing we can plan for Australia, which is what he is focusing on now, I am busy working my way through my VA course. As I am sat at the dining room table supposed to be working on it now, I better close. We are off for a walk later today to blow the cobwebs away. We went to the seafront to watch the Queen Mary II sail out yesterday, waited for 30 mins, gave up, came back and saw her out the kitchen window 10 mins later. Argh. We would have had a prime position for photos too, never mind. We went to the cinema to watch The Simpsons Movie, just like an extended episode. Good fun, but not earth shattering. Die Hard 4.0, Hairspray and Transformers to watch as well. There isn’t as much on at the Vue cinema at the Quays, they are doubling up on screens for the summer blockbusters, so we are going to miss all the good films, again.

Have a good week peeps.



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