I was in a national paper

I regularly go onto news websites: Guardian, BBC, Sky and Times Online. I love adding little comments onto blogs and comment pages (yes I know Sarah I should add them onto here) if you put my name into Google, shed loads of witticisms (sh*te) comes up.

I posted onto a comment asking about anti-social behaviour on Times Online and an edited version was in the Sunday Review! *smug*

A list of anti-social behaviour – what fun!
1. People playing music on their phones.
2. People playing music so loud on their iPod (etc) you can hear it over yours.
3. Not asking if a seat is free on the train, just leaping into it.
4. Sniff.
5. People barging you out the way to get onto a train, or when you’re on, squeezing past you as you attempt to take coat off, put bag away and sit down.
6. Sniff.
7. Definitely spitting – especially footballers.
8. Cyclists wheeling through red lights as they are invincible, then moaning when they get knocked off.
9. Sniff.
10.People on lap tops on trains assuming the whole of the table is for them, not 4 people.
11. Not saying please and thank you, ever. They seem to have disappeared completely.
12. Big companies that give you lots of options to press when you call them, but no one actually talking to you.
13. Sniff.
14. Dropping litter.
15. General apathetic attitude of ‘someone else’s problem’ to well, anything really!

As you can tell, I am a commuter, and the behaviour I see, usually by people who travel in First Class as they try to get past us Plebs, is unbelievable! I have had a black eye from someone clonking me with a bag, and he didn’t even apologise the git.

Posted by: Maddie 1 Aug 2007 13:56:40


One thought on “I was in a national paper

  1. Hi! Just out lurking around checking out some blogs and came to yours… I like your list. I agree anti-social behaviour sucks, I work in customer service and I can’t believe the routine lack of manners people exhibit, really that’s what most of it boils down to isn’t it! Congrats on the publishing! I also enjoyed your bit about your parents, and the blog thing… exactly how things work around here too! Cheers!

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