Part One

There is a really nasty cough going round the office. Three girls have got it, (one has had it for nearly a month, still not shifted) and a few of the boys are getting it too. We are all crossing our fingers and hoping we don’t get it. Although in an air-conditioned area, you are more than likely too. I miss windows, I love having the smell of the outside coming into the office, admittedly it would be smog in London, and bloody noisy, but one thing I did love about working in the Civil Service, they were too cheap to fork out for air-con.

Long time no blog: and I am sorry. I am trying to be good and blog everyday, but I am working hard on my course, and we are so busy at work I am stuck time-wise. I know you are all fed up with hearing how busy I am, so I won’t keep on about it, but just please bear it in mind. I hardly talk to Aged P’s these days, so they think something is up with me, not likely – just life. I am so excited though, I haven’t felt optimistic like this before. I am in control of my destiny and thriving on it.

We have had the flat valued, we were worried that the one over the road from us hasn’t sold, and the estate agent reassured TB today by saying that the vendors want to sell it for X price, which they have been told is too high for what they have, and it hasn’t sold. Weight off our minds, normally they are snapped up really quickly. We have two major things going for us. 1. We have off road parking (premium anywhere now), and also the best parking space in the rather dotty designed car park, and 2. our view – which is to the Spinnaker tower out the front, and out across the Solent at the back. Biased though we are, it is lovely. So is being able to smell the sea morning, noon and night. We had the windows wide open, front door open, sun streaming in, the sound of sunshine as people play on the beach outside us while we pottered around yesterday make it look ship-shape-shape. Fantastic.


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