Newspapers and some other stuff that I thought about but now can’t remember…

On a normal day, I have to run the gauntlet of around 11 people thrusting papers under my nose. From on the underground, until I get to my office and then back again, we have City AM, Money Market, London Lite, The London Paper, there was a really good weekly sports magazine on Fridays, which seems to have disappeared. Then you have 5 poeple selling the Standaaaaaaard, two next door to each other – who decided that would be a good idea?

What rankles is that they take it personally if you don’t pick one up. Even if you are carrying them, they still try and offer you another one. How many can you read? I never collect them now, as there are so many left on the train on the way home or in, I can reuse one, then recycle it at work or at home. So I have death stares as I not collect one from them. If you walk across London Bridge, there are 100s of them.

I have remembered what I was going to write about. I have had a very clumsy morning, I thought to myself with the tap running to get some hot water, ‘Don’t drop your contact lens’ So I did, sent everything flying in the bathroom, I’ve got foundation on my white collar of my top, with no time to change before I left the house, the hair ‘do’ didn’t, and I have put my toe throw my tights and broken my shoes, the buckle fell off, which meant I nearly got squashed as I tried not to fall over into the road…

I am using the power of postive thought to say that I HAD a clumsy morning and I am fine now. I have ordered another pair of shoes, they will arrive tomorrow, I am sat at my desk, I can’t do any more damage today. But in case you are in London, I will try not to break it, likewise for the train on the way home and Portsmouth later…

PS I have my headset at work. I sent an email out ‘Thunderbirds are GO!’ and saying that My name is Maddie, I wear a headset. So many daft comments forced me to. I never knew I worked with such a juvenile lot of people, but as I not talking to them as I have taken umbridge, I don’t care. humf

PPS have a great weekend.


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