Power Cuts

They are following me around this week. We had two at home last night as well. We arrived back for the gate not to be working, TB tried with the button in our car, I tried with the switch in the flats, TB got out had a diva trantrum and faffed with the gates. I hopped in the car, and parked up while he got annoyed in the rain. I was expecting ‘This f&*%@£^ country!’ but it didn’t appear. He bemoans the state of England, if it rains, the supermarket is busy, there’s naff all to watch on TV (from the country that gave us Neighbours), the milks off. You name it is England’s fault.

So I told him off, he apologised we lit candles, set the battery radio onto Classic fm and had dinner, which was already and waiting for us to get home. I threw together a cheese sauce to go over the brocci-flower, TB suggested that I made it in the dark in future, as it was a particularly good one. I then collapsed onto the sofa, watched the Simpsons, all my brain could cope with, and was in bed for 9.30. We didn’t sleep very well though, combination of wind, rain and general weather. God there was a lot of weather last night. I woke up at 5.30 and vetoed my normal train and got the next one in. I also had a pair of jeans on and off again, trying to work out if I would wear them into work. Decided against it though.

I have been working on sorting the formatting out on a document all morning, Erika will nod in agreement when I say: I hate bullet points and numbering, but I particularly loathe contents tables…

*grrrr* ttfn


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