Posh Frock Alert

Yup, it was dragged out the wardrobe and ironed last night. I have packed into a tiny little bag for evening out and day in London tomorrow, so I am feeling very smug. I have also booked a wash and blow dry with Mika so I don’t stress about the barnet. I just need to remember not to get it wet in the shower later tonight. Mike has been very sweet and is letting me leave early. We are due at the hotel for drinks at 6.30, I would struggle to get to the venue by then, let alone make myself look presentable. I will report back, with photos as we have the camera, just need to remember to use it!

Tomorrow we are having a lie-in (bliss), going to Covent Garden to the Aussie shop, visiting the Antony Gormley exhibition and the Star Wars exhibition. Da da da da da da dah. We can’t wait, but we are mostly looking forward to a day together. Saturday is cricket (depending on the weather), coursework (whatever the weather), Sunday is Airbourne, so I apologise if it rains, it will be ALL our fault for being at an air show. The last time I went to one, a plane crashed, so I am hoping it is clear enough for them to fly. I am also hoping for the Red Arrows (phwoar) and a Tornado or two (phwoar) I hasten to add, it is the planes themselves that get me excited, not the pilots. I love the sound of the after-burners and the smell of fuel. I am a latent petrol head.

I watched the Red Arrows from the diving pit roof one year at the Sovereign Centre, I was up there with Pete and Nessy, trying to climb a ladder with a can in one hand, an ice cream in the other and watching them come towards me about 20 ft over head. Bloody brilliant.

I have to go, I need to catch up on all the work I couldn’t do yesterday. I was formatting a committee paper most of the day and trying to drown out FaceBook Bint’s debate over whether or not to buy wellies, and what the weather was going to do. 2 weeks to go.


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