Thursday night, Friday day

We had a great time, and I will blog about it properly next week.

Just wanted to say that I am back in contact with the outside world, my phone is back. After only having a few diva tantrums over turning the keypad tones off, getting a ringtone I like and turning off some of the shortcuts which otherwise march across the screen, it is working again.

I have been working on my course all day, and am now fed up with it. I am finding the bad English very frustrating. I know I do typos in this, I know I get words mixed up in this, but it isn’t a training manual – it is a blog. There is a big difference.

Vent over, if only I could get everything to print, I can take it with us when we go to watch the planes tomorrow. The Red Arrows are due at 15:59, but if it is grey, wet and miserable – we’ll be home by then…



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