Well I promised a full account of what we have been up to so here it is, to a point. I am at a natural pause in my final module of my course, so I am typing this on the train and will copy it over at lunchtime. Dan and I had a hard week last week, it was a busy week for both of us at work, Richard, Dan’s boss, has been visiting the site lots, they get on well and he has been looking at how Dan works, the procedures he has put into place and so on. Richard and Jenny are coming over to dinner on Sunday, I have had a request for a roastie. Who am I to argue? I love cooking, I love winding down in the kitchen, I also love clearing and tidy up. It really does soothe my mind, I can feel stress dissipating as I tidy the flat and make my environment look nice and neat. I digress.

Last week Christian was in America, one of the companies we are looking at investing in had arranged for a site visit for him and to meet two of their biggest customers. So the Friday before last I had held various flights for him to leave, either on the Tuesday evening or the Wednesday morning. We had it confirmed on Bank Holiday Monday that he would be going, yes on the Bank Holiday. Tuesday morning, I got to work, switched my computer on and spent the day finalising flights, booking hotels and transfers, pulling together a presentation for him to give to the customers and a folder of background reading for him to peruse on the flight. Did I mention that he was still on holiday at this point, and flying into Gatwick at 3.25pm on the Tuesday? So this was good practice for working remotely from your principal if nothing else!

As the courier was ordered, an email came in, despite me chasing for it all day, I had had to put the itinerary together with the information I had (psychic abilities not withstanding) the email arrived with an extra site visit, in another State as a possibility for the Friday. I was not amused. I called the PA that hadn’t even copied me into the email, it had been forwarded by our advisor, that I hadn’t spent all day sorting this out, that the courier had been booked and that his itinerary was now out of date – and I wasn’t going to get it in the neck if the flights couldn’t be booked to get him there. We found one and held it for 24 hours, I then left early as I had spent 4-5 hours over the weekend sorting things out, then all day Tuesday working through my lunch, waiting for the sodding email/call to come in with these details on. I wouldn’t mind, but I made it clear first thing that the deadline I was working to was 3.30, I had to get the information to Christian so he could read it that evening, and he lives in Sussex.

I woke up the next morning at 5.30 with a migraine sitting over my head, so crawled back into bed. TB had to phone for me as I couldn’t see to read when he was leaving to go to work. He came back to the flat with some tablets one of the nurses at work gave him an hour later, I took them, remembered the flight was on hold, called Zoe at work and gave her the information eventually as I was still struggling to read, and sank back into sleep.

So that was Wednesday, Thursday came and went in a blur of holding more flights, answering calls and helping Simon who is also up to his eyes in a deal. Friday we found out that the proposed site visit was off, Christian texted me, and was on the phone at 9am, 4am his time, he wasn’t there long enough to sort his body clock out, and I was moving flights again. In the midst of all this the girl in the office that has been a right royal pain for the best part of two months left, I didn’t go to the leaving drinks, TB and I went food shopping instead. Small victory, but a nice one.

This weekend we drove to Eastbourne to collect Mark to take him to Legoland on the Sunday. I switched my alarm off so we overslept, left later than we wanted to, then got stuck everywhere on the journey down, but we did see the Spitfire display over Goodwood and the Red Arrows flew overhead at Arundel. We had our own mini-airbourne.

Collecting Mark we caught up over coffee with Liz, Jim and Ellie, he was all packed so he had a quick lunch, then we departed. We stopped off at Middle Farm on the A27, if you have never been there you have to go. Mum and Dad used to take us there to buy our Christmas cheese when we were children, it has to be one of the oldest farm shops I have been in. But it is a working farm still, they have diversified, most people have had to, they have a petting area, you can watch the cows being milked, wander round the chickens and other animals, there is a crafts shop, tea-room, picnic area and so on. But the best bit is the produce they sell, everything is organic, they have a cider/apple juice shop as well as the butcher, baker and cheeses available. Tis lovely, but there I will have to leave you, as I am now having to catch up on endless phone calls at work, leaving early again because of the tube strike and am generally a busy bee!!



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